Welcoming London Home Boasts Ingeniously Suspended Living Room Bed

This unusual looking home in London instantly captured our attention and you probably guessed why. Found on JJ Locations, the striking design project comes with a suspended bed right in the middle of the living space. This may not be the most practical idea we’ve seen so far, but it sure ranks high in terms of originality. The place boasts more creative additions, such as a side staircase-wall covered in blackboard fabric and a ceiling window that literally sheds light on the suspended bedroom.

Color is a major asset of the design scheme, adding dynamics to the small, yet enticing space. While all the walls are painted white in order to enlarge the interiors, bold hues were used for powerful visual contrasts. Have a look at the blue accent wall dividing the kitchen from the living space! This is not all, as the project developers put thought into every detail, transforming the classic sofa set for example into one of the room’s focal points with just adding a few colorful cushions. Framed paintings and graphic art contribute to the well-defined personality of the house, adding warmth and style.